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Hunan Cuisine, one of the eight major schools of Chinese cuisine, is sour, spicy, sweet. The  well-known savory Xiang Food is prepared based on traditional secret recipe. The representative dishes include Stewed Beef in Clear Soup, Steamed Several Kinds of Cured Meat, Braised Pork Shoulder with Soy Sauce, and Spicy Young Chicken.

Smelly Bean Curd is made from bean curd, bittern, winter bamboo shoots as well as starter wine. And sesame oil, soy sauce and other seasonings are added when Smelly Bean Curd is fried. Crisp and tender, Smelly Bean Curds are very delicious.

Steamed Several Kinds of Cured Meat

A famous traditional dish of Hunan cuisine, this dish is prepared by steaming different kinds of cured meat, with a strong aroma, an appropriate taste, a red and bright color; and the meat is soft, but not greasy.

Dong'an Young Chicken
It is a famous traditional dish of Hunan province with a history of over 1,200 years. This dish is beautiful in shape, bright in color, plus fat and tender chicken, and a sour, spicy and delicious taste.
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