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Pubs and Bars-Changsha

KTV Centers

The KTV centers in Changsha integrate singing, dancing and the performance of quyi (folk art forms including ballad singing, story telling, comic dialogues, clapper talks, cross talks, etc.),  skits with local characteristics, and humorous dialogues. Such recreational centers are mainly located in Wuyi Square, West Jiefang Road, South Cai E Road and Huang Xing Road , of which the Tian Han Grand Theatre on West Labor Road is fairly famous.


Changsha has a great number of bars. At nightfall, the bars in West Jiefang Road, and Wuyi Avenue near the Railway Station are packed with customers. Amidst beautiful songs and melodious music, some people enjoy themselves to their hearts content while some others may relax themselves quietly in the bars.


Main recreational centers:

Tian Han Grand Theater
347 W. Laodong Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-85812811

Hunan Grand Theater
139 Shaoshan Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-84171639


Gangdao Performing Arts Center
9 Renmin Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-84190333


Changsha Film City
170 M. Renmin Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-85532929


Golden Times Bar
266 W. Jiefang Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-84190333


Coco Bar(Literature and Art Shop)
opposite the overseas Chinese Building, M. Jiefang Rd., Changsha

Tel: (86)731-84420833

Sports and Recreation-Changsha

Happy Performance
The Happy Performance jointly run by Changsha Municipal Government and TV station is put on at the Du Fu Jiangge Pavilion in the Xiangjiang scenic area. All the opera lovers and amateur singers may sign up for the performance. In the evening of the summers, people from both shores of Xiangjiang River gather here to watch performance and enjoy the cool. This program has greatly enriched the local people's cultural life.
Qingzhu Lake Golf Club
In the Qingzhu Lake Holliday Resort In Kaifu District, Changsha, the golf club is only a 25-minute drive from the city proper. The golf ground covers an area of 1.4 million sq m, and holds 18 holes, 72 par and fairway of 6,424 yards. In addition, it boasts a beautiful environment, complete facilities, a club center and a four-star hotel.
Tel: (86)731-86783999

Dragon Lake International Golf Club
On the northwestern corner of Changsha, the golf club is only a 10-minute drive or so from the city center, with convenient transportation facilities. By making use of the original dragon-shaped reservoir landform, the golf ground contains 27 holes up to the international standard, and a harmonious and elegant environment. With rippling waters and peaks rising one higher than another, the golf ground will make every player feel relaxed and joyful.
Tel: (86)731-88388270
Noah Cruiser
The Noah Cruiser is the first 5,000-tonnage Luxury ship designed and built by China. The three-deck vessel contains the loop-like walking deck, restaurants, a business center, a multi-functional meeting center and a performing hall. The wide top sunshine deck has a parking apron for helicopter. It takes about 1.5 hours for a round trip along the Xiangjiang River by Cruiser. During the cruise, tourists can feast their eyes on the picturesque scenery on both banks.


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