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Hunan Embroidery
One of China's four famous styles of embroidery, Hunan Embroidery has a history of over 2,000 years. Through various colors of threads and changeable stitches, Hunan Embroidery is famous for figures, animals, landscapes, flowers and birds, which are all vivid and lifelike. The most celebrated works of Hunan Embroidery are the hanging panels of Tigers, Lions and Birds Adoring the Phoenix.


Chrysanthemum Stone Curving
Carved with chrysanthemum-shaped stone materials, the ink slabs, small animals, vases, tea sets and smoking sets show the high folk stone-carving techniques of Hunan Province. The famous stone works include Ode to the Plum Blossom by Huang Chao, and a Fairy Spreading Flowers.

 Red Porcelain
Also known as ''the Red under the Glaze'', such porcelain takes red as the main color, and is decorated with beautiful patterns made of gold and other precious metals. The Red Porcelain is noble, elegant and refined.

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