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Yuelu Mountain

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    Yuelu Mountain is close to the west coast of Xiangjiang River. It is 300.8 meters high above the sea, with numerous ridges and peaks extending to several kilometers, which looks like a natural screen on the west of Changsha downtown area.
    The wonderful scenery of Yuelu Mountain is in the mountains and streams. The highest peak in a haze is cliffy but graceful with corridors, temples and pavilions around the mountains and the rocks. If you overlook the city along the balustrades of Yuelu Mountain, you will enjoy the scenery of ribbon-like Xiangjiang River, bluish green Orange Isle floating in the river and two great bridges erected to connect the east with the west, which makes this ancient city impressively loom through the mist and clouds. Before Yuelu Mountain there are Phoenix Hill, Jade Screen Hill and Heavenly Steed Hill, while behind it there are Peach-blossom Ridge and Lu’e Ridge, with Gold Bull Ridge standing in the south, Gui Peak in the north, which blend into one integral whole around as if numerous stars surround the moon. Yuelu Mountain will surely be much more gorgeous between autumn and winter when red maples dye trees and jungles and reddish oranges fully hang on the branches.

    Ever since Han Dynasty, Yuelu Mountain has been a scenic spot for sightseeing. A continuous stream of tourists have been here in thousands of years, so famous scenic spots and historic resorts can be found all over the mountain, including ancient Yuelu Temple known as “the first famous scenic spot in Han and Wei Dynasties and the first Taoist or Buddhist rite in Hunan”,Aiwan (Love Nightfall) Pavilion, which is one of the four noted pavilions in China, Yunlu Palace, White Cranes Spring (Baihequan), King Yu’s Stele (yuwangbei), Pleasant Breeze Gorge, Wangjiang Pavilion, Buxu Ridge, Rock That Flew Over (Feilaishi) , Zilai Bell, Xiang’gu (Drum) Ridge, Boa Cave (Mangshedong), Dagoba, Xiaoti Precipice, Chuanshi Slope, and the tomb of Huangxing, the important leader of Chinese Revolution of 1911, and the tomb of Cai’e, the famous general. Many beautiful and moving myths about these famous scenic spots and historic resorts are widely spread in the folks, which keep the visitors indulged in pleasure pondering over the stories.

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