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Yuelu District is one of the five urban districts in Changsha City, capital of Hunan Province, and is the first urban area after the pilot policy implementation of national Two-type Society Construction (energy economic and environment-friendly)

    Yuelu District is of unique location. Yuelu District is the western gateway to Changsha with convenient transport and strong radiation. It is an adjacent area of Shichang (Shimen-Changsha) Railway and Changsha station of Jingguang Railway which is the biggest freight railway station in Province of Hunan. In Yuelu District, there are a 1000t channel of Xiang RIVER extending to Yangtze River and the sea, and a criss-cross highway network including the 319 national road, Changchang expressway connecting the west and the east, and many main lines. Three bridges across Xiang River link Yuelu District with four districts in the east of Changsha, enabling Yuelu District on the strategic position of priority development of ‘one point (Changsha), one line (Jingguang Railway)’ and Xiang River Ecological Economic Belt.

    It covers the western part of Changsha City from the main channel of Xiang River, with controlled area along the river. Administratively divided into 10 street offices, 4 towns, 1 township, 2 scenic spots and 2 Hi-tech parks, the district includes 87 villages, 51 communities under its jurisdiction, covering an area of 552.02 square kilometers with a population of 597, 200.

    Heavy culture details of yuelu district. “The kingdom of Chu is the unique home of the talents”. Yuelu District got its name from yuelu academy, an institute of higher learning with a history of more than one thousand years, which is one of four great academies in China, where talents gathered since ancient times and its culture is of long standing. Ancient Scholars ‘and writers’ works and their famous scrimptions can be found everywhere. It is known by the world for the poet, Changsha-to the tune of Qinyuanchun, written by Mao Zedong. There are many places of historical interest and scenic beauty, such as an AAAA national designed scenic spot, 33 historical and cultural relics under protection of state, provincial government, or municipal government, Yuelu Temple with a history of over 1000 years, Aiwan Pavilion-one of four famous pavilions, Kings’ Tombs of Western Han Dynasty, Beijin Town of Three Kingdoms (220-265AD) etc. With famous mountain, river, island, academy and personals in Yuelu District, domestic and foreign tourists often linger on without any thought of leaving and feel that “to tour palaces of scenic beauty is to read a history book”.

    Advantage of yuelu science education is obvious. Yuelu District is a big district of science and education in Hunan Province with a reputation of Hunan’s Silicon Valley. Over 16 universities and research institutes such as Central-South University, Hunan University, Hunan Normal University, Hunan University of Commerce, gather there. Changsha High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Yuelu University City and Yuelu National University Science and Technology Park concentrate there. About 50% of the scientific researchers and engineers in Changsha City do live and work in Yuelu District, of which there are more than 20 people are members of China National Academy of Sciences and China National Academy of Engineering, who are the leaders in electronic high tech, automation, new materials and bio sciences.

    Yuelu district is beauty for its nature environment. Xiang River across Changsha city extends to the north. Juzi Island is in the heart of Xiang River. Mount Yuelu stands on the south of Yuelu District. All green is the river; boats vie to overtake one another. Yuelu District has thick forests with the forest coverage of 52%. Natural scene blends with city scene, and the distinctive characteristic of “one side is mountain, and the other side city” can be called as the representative of Huaxia Mountain and Water City.

    Since 2000, the GDP in Yuelu District has yearly increased by above 15%, and reached 18.8 billion Yuan in 2007.The fiscal revenue has increased on average by above 20% per year, and reached 900 million Yuan in 2007. The urban area extends to 60. All social undertakings are well coordinated for development. Yuelu District has won a lot of special honors: National Pilot Area for Constructing Civilized City, National Pilot Area for Community Construction, National Pilot Area with Advanced Science and Technology, Peaceful and Well-being County (city, district) of Hunan Province.

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