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Yuelu District is of unique location. Yuelu District is the western gateway to Changsha with convenient transport and strong radiation. It is an adjacent area of Shichang (Shimen-Changsha) Railway and Changsha station of Jingguang Railway which is the biggest freight railway station in Province of Hunan. In Yuelu District, there are a 1000t channel of Xiang RIVER extending to Yangtze River and the sea, and a criss-cross highway network including the 319 national road, Changchang expressway connecting the west and the east, and many main lines. Three bridges across Xiang River link Yuelu District with four districts in the east of Changsha, enabling Yuelu District on the strategic position of priority development of ‘one point (Changsha), one line (Jingguang Railway)’ and Xiang River Ecological Economic Belt.

Yuelu district is beauty for its nature environment. Xiang River across Changsha city extends to the north. Juzi Island is in the heart of Xiang River. Mount Yuelu stands on the south of Yuelu District. All green is the river; boats vie to overtake one another. Yuelu District has thick forests with the forest coverage of 52%. Natural scene blends with city scene, and the distinctive characteristic of  “one side is mountain, and the other side city” can be called as the representative of Huaxia Mountain and Water City.

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