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Departments of Yuelu District CPC Committee

General Office     88999999

Organization Department   88999510
Publicity Department      88999089

United Front Work Department   88999075
Committee of Political and Legislative Affairs    88999096

Work Committee for Offices Directly under the District CPC Committee   88999196
Commission Office for Public Sector Reform   88999159

Comprehensive Management Office   8999096  88999095

Senile Cadres Bureau     88999396

Party School   88999363
Archives    88999357
Taiwan Affairs Office  88999075

District Culture Office      88999087
Reception Office    88999010

Organs of Yuelu District People’s Congress

Office of the Standing Committee of Yuelu District People’s Congress and the working committee   88999041

General Office  88999055

Commission of Legislative Affairs  88999049

Commission of Agricultural and Financial Affairs  88999052

Committee of Education, Science, Culture, Health and Sports  88999048

Urban & Rural Construction and Environmental Protection Commission  88999050

Departments of District Government

General Office  88999998  88999998

Emergency Management Office  88999998 

Ethnic and Religious Affairs Administration  88999036 

Information Center  88999078

Bureau of Development and Reform  88999230 

Bureau of Commerce  88999258                        

Bureau of Finance  88999988

Bureau of Education  88999271  

Bureau of Science and Technology  88999410 

Bureau of Justice  88999446

Bureau of Civil Affairs  88999278  88999226disaster report

Bureau of Personnel  88999139

Personnel Exchange Service Center  88999135 

Bureau of Labor and Social Security  88999329

Bureau of Construction  88999208

Bureau of Agriculture, Forestry, and Water Resources  88999288

Bureau of Culture and Sports  88999080

Bureau of Audit  88999441                    

Bureau of Population & Family Planning  88999298

Bureau of Foreign Investment and Cooperation  8999888
Bureau of Industrial Economy  88999259           
Bureau of Urban Management  88999375   
Bureau of Environmental Protection  88999342   

Bureau of House Property Right Management  88853182  88852740
Bureau of Transport Administration  88615570  88688600
Administration of Work Safety  88999261  88999261
Traffic Police Brigade  88919112  88919100

Yuelu District People’s Political Consultative Conference

General Office  88999057

Motions Examination and Legislative Affairs Committee  88999062

Economy and Sci-technology Committee  88999519

Culture, Education, Health and Sports Committee  88999065

Yuelu District Commission for Discipline Inspection

Bureau of Discipline Inspection  88999129 
Office of Letters and Visits  88999127

Yuelu District People’s Court  88926185  88926128

General Office 88926156

People’s Procuratorate of Yuelu District  88908218  88908209 

Labor Union of Yuelu District  88999185                          

Communist Youth League of Yuelu District  88999165                       

Women Federation of Yuelu District  88999161                       

Business Association of Yuelu District  88999069                        

Disabled People’s Federation of Yuelu District  88999175

Overseas Chinese Federation of Yuelu District  88999070

People’s Armed Forces Department of Yuelu District  88687381  84579812

Public Security Bureau of Yuelu District  88861931  88864110       

Bureau of Education of Yuelu District    88999271   

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