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    At present, there are 800 industrial enterprises in the area of Yuelu District, including 169 scale ones. In 2007, the district realized the total industrial added value of RMB 5.410 billion, increased by 29.1% as compared to the last year. The above-scale industries realized added value of RMB 5.139 billion, increased by 31.8%; realized products sales rate of over 99%; realized profit of RMB1.5 billion, increased by 52.5%; realized profit and tax of RMB 2.1 billion, increased by 63.4%. The output value of new products was RMB 6.84 billion, increased by 68.1%; realized industry investment, realized technical reform investment and realized fixed assets investment of out-city domestic industrial funds was RMB 750 million, 580 million and 1.31 billion respectively; the paid-in registered foreign investment was 118.52 million U.S. dollars; the number of technical innovation projects (above city-level) was 12; energy consumption per unit of GDP and energy consumption per unit of industrial added value was respectively decreased by 4.5% and 4.8%.

    Scale industry has developed rapidly, and it has formed machine building industry represented by Zoomlion, medicine manufacture industry represented by Zhonghe, Guohua and Dekang; electronic manufacturing industry represented by Weisheng Electronics; cement and building material industry represented by Pingtang Cement Co., Ltd. and New-born Cement Works; chemical industry represented by Sanhuan Pigment and Fengchao Pigment Chemical. The pace of new products development is fast, there are more than 400 new products have been developed in recent 4 years, the output value of new products was RMB 6.84 billion in 2007, accounting for 39.6% of the total output value of scale industry.

    Energy consumption per ten thousand yuan of added value is constantly decreasing; energy consumption per ten thousand yuan of added value of scale industry in 2007 was reduced by 4.8%. Enterprise management and products quality has been improved significantly. Above-scale industrial enterprises in the district basically have passed ISO and other management certification; have obtained more than 20 brand-name products above provincial level, 16 famous trademarks above provincial level and 3 Chinese well-known brands.

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