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University City Culture & Art Industrial Park

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University City Culture & Art Industrial Park Construction Project

Project Unit: Project Construction Dept. of Yuelu Culture & Art Industrial Park.

Add:4/F, Building 10, Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau, No. 517, Site 1, North Jinxing Rd., Changsha 410013, People’s Government of Yuelu District.

Project Content:
University City Culture & Art Industrial Park covers an area of 3 km2. As a key development project of culture industry in Yuelu District during “Eleventh Five-Year Plan" Period, it has been ranked into “Demonstration Base of Hunan Culture Industry”. The Project will make full use of its unique advantages of gathering education, culture and tour resources to create culture & art industry base featured in culture & leisure, news & publication, electronic information, art training, cultural originality, modern media, business & tour etc.

The Project is located in central area of Yuelu Mountain University City from South Xiaoxiang Road in the east, South Lushan Road in the west, Fubuhe Road in the north and southwest part of Second Ring Road in the south, including 3 km2 of Houhu Lake and farmers’ settlement area of University City. It is closely link to Central South University, Hunan University, south schoolyard of Hunan Normal University and Hunan Art Professional College.  

It will be mainly engaged in constructing 7 projects including Culture & Art Originality Industrial Street in South Lushan Road, Art Village of University City, Lushan Culture Plaza (University Library & Culture City), Qingchun Culture Plaza of Hunan University (Computer Center), Jinxiu Xiaoxiang Culture & Art Center, Houhu Lake Culture & Air Theme Park and Culture & Leisure Corridor of South Xiaoxiang Road. Project Construction Modes: dominated by Yuelu District Government, combining Central South University, Hunan University and Hunan Normal University and famous culture enterprises both at home and abroad for development and construction, making full use of profound Huxiang cultural deposits of Yuelu District and education, culture and sci-tech resources advantages of Yuelu Mountain University City, depending on natural resources of “ mountain, water, eyot and city”, innovating mode of “district and universities cooperation” and concentrating manpower, material resources and finances so as to create a Provincial Culture & Art Industrial Park within 3-5 years.  

Total Investment of the Project: USD 1428.57-2857.14 million
Cooperation Modes:
cooperation and sole proprietorship
Contact Person:
Wang Hong
Tel:13875991237  0731-8999581(
Yuelu Investment Promotion Bureau 

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