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Yuelu Binjiang New City Central Business District

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Yuelu Binjiang New City Central Business District Construction Project

Project Initiator: Changsha Binjiang New City Construction & Development Co., Ltd.

Add.: 4/F, Building 10, Investment Promotion and Cooperation Bureau, No. 517, Site 1, North Jinxing Rd., Changsha 410013, People’s Government of Yuelu District

Project Content:

Yuelu Binjing New City Central Business District Constriction is a key Project for Changsha to construct core area of “Two-oriented Society” Pilot Zone. From Xiaoxiangzui in the south Second Ring Road in the north, Xiangjiang River in the east, Yinshan Road and Yingyin Roadin the west, the planned project covers an area of 7.2 km kilometers. Total exploitable construction land is 721.18 hectare including 254.67 hectare road network public facilities land, 23.58 hectare approved and non-constructed economic house land, 46.27 hectare fixed and non-constructed farmers settlement land, 56.22 hectare reserved land and 340.45 hectare actual net development land. The Project intends to construct a core area of Changsha specialized in 6 functions including sightseeing & leisure, business & trade, commercial building, monetary & securities, hotel & restaurant and high-end apartment. After finishing construction, Binjiang New City gathers the most excellent cultural resources and the most significant end business activities, indicates the noblest leisure & culture life, creates the best residential environment and becomes landmarks of Changsha. The Project adopts of “government dominated, comprehensive planning, sectional development, market operation and long-cultivated land leasing” development and construction principles. 

Total investment: USD 7142.86 million

Cooperation Modes: joint venture, cooperation, other modes

Contact person: Tang Hongyuan (principal of the Project Unit)

Tel: 0731-88999581 13873182621 (Yuelu Investment Promotion Bureau)

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