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City Planning

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    In 2008, Changsha Municipal Government proposed the strategic plan of Building Grand West Bank and the Pilot District, making efforts to create the demonstration area of Two-type Society Construction in the west bank of Xiangjiang river, the gathering area for hi-tech industries, exemplifying district for urban and rural integration program, as the new urban area for ecological residence and the pole for economic increase and development. The planned area covers 1200 square kilometers. By 2020, the completed area of the grand west bank pilot district will reach 200 square kilometers, with a population of 1.5 million. The gross production of the district may achieve RMB 300 billion. In next 3 years, the pilot district will complete investment of RMB 30 billion, and will basically exhibit the new looking of the area, thus striking up the epoch melody of west bank economy in Changsha.

Boundless Business of Yuelu District

From the general plan, Yuelu District is located in staring area and core area for building Hexi pilot area of “Two-type Society”, it is the primacy district for key investment and construction of pilot area. Following prior development of Hexi pilot area, Yuelu District seizes this opportunity and has established the development vision of main construction of “three districts, four parks and two bases”.     

Central Business District of Binjiang New City: with planned area of 15 square kilometers, south from Xinmin Road, north to No.2 Ring Road; facing Xiangjiang River on the east and west to Yinshan Road, Rongyin Road, including international business district of Yuelu Mountain and Wangyuehu regional area. Functional orientation: commerce and business, tourism & leisure, finance & securities, star hotels, riverside real estate and other industries.    

 Cultural Ecological Tourism District: with planned area of 35 square kilometers, east from Yuelu Maintain, and west to the line of Weishui River. Functional orientation: develop cultural ecological tourism by putting Yuelu Tourism Attractions and Juzi Island Scenic Spot at the leading place.     

Model District for Sightseeing and Demonstration of Ecological Agriculture of Modern City: with planned area of 150 square kilometers, including Lianhua Town and Yuchangping Town. Functional orientation: lay emphasis on local characteristics; intensify high efficiency, ecosystem and leisure functions; vigorously develop fine, distinctive and recreational agriculture, establish model district for balancing urban and rural development.    

Hanpu Science and Education Industrial Park: with planned area of 60 square kilometers, east from Erhuanxian and Jinjiang River, adjacent to Lushan Scenic Spot on the north, bordering West Circle of Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway in the west, south to intersection of Dongshanwan Road and West Circle of Changsha-Xiangtan Expressway. Functional orientation: state-level base for transforming of scientific and technological achievements; demonstration base of new-type industrialization; new ecological and livable district.     

Yanghu Wetland Cultural Park: with planned area of 10 square kilometers, including 15,000mu Yanghuyuan wetland. Functional orientation: wetland culture and leisure, headquarters building economy and Huxiang Culture Forum.     

Culture & Arts Industrial Park of University City: with planned area of 3 square kilometers. Functional orientation: rely on Universities; focus on the development of culture-concept renovation information industry and culture & arts training.     

Lianhua Town and Culture Tour & Sightseeing Park: with planned area of 5 square kilometers, the planning area is Lianhua Town. Functional orientation: create brand of Chinese traditional “Harmonic Culture”, develop tourist industry of “Harmonic Culture” and Xiangbifu Central Park.     

Meixihu Ecological Leisure-time International Convention and Exhibition Base: with planned area of 20 square kilometers. Functional orientation: develop culture exhibition economy, high class hotel, leisure & shopping, ecological real estate and other industries.     

Zhongtang Modern Logistics Base: with planned area of 15 square kilometers, taking Sanhuanxian of the city as the axes, including Zhongtang and Leifeng Town. Functional orientation: focus on development of modern logistics industry.      

Lushan South Road Culture Industry Street: The project is located in prime site of University City of Yuelu Mountain, the planned area used for such project totals 1300 Chinese mu. According to the principle of “Government guide, market operation”, it is proposed to build the special business street area integrated with cultural creation industry, culture and sports products, IT market, cultural entertainment, tour and shopping.    

Xicheng Cyberport: The planned land use is 318 Chinese mu, it is adjacent to Dujuan Road on the south and west to Erhuanxian, it is under development in Municipal Government land block. The project positions at building a professional supermarket for digital products integrated with IT, personal experience, entertainment and amusement and themed by fashion digital. It is proposed to attract famous digital enterprises both home and abroad to move in. 

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